So you turned 4 in February. That was 6 months ago. I bought this super cute dress for you back in May (I think) and said, we have got to do Elissa's 4 year pics in this dress. Now fast forward to August and I'm like, if these pics are getting done, we gotta just DO IT. So we did. On a Wednesday, at 4pm I decided that that was the day. You hadn't had a bath. I didn't care. I sprayed your hair down and brushed it out and threw in a headband. (Thank God you are ok with headbands now - for the first 4 years you weren't much for having anything in your hair.) I grabbed your cute dress and a 2nd outfit - (how is it that this super cute shirt that I bought at the same time as the dress is like, the one shirt in your closet with no freakin' stains on it??!?!) and my camera and some extra SD cards and we jetted. It was 6pm and you were showing signs of tired. I drove for about 20 minutes to the park and by the time we got there, you were OUT. And as I drove around debating whether I should wake you yet or just let you sleep a bit, I realized....I was at the wrong stinking park!!! I drove around a little more thinking, "well, we could just do the pics here." But, no. This is not the park I wanted and you were asleep anyway so...I googled and realized that I was just 15 minutes from where I really wanted to be. YES. And we were off! You asleep in the back, me listening to a podcast, enjoying the beautiful summer evening weather, watching the sun and hoping we wouldn't lose it too soon.

Got to the right park, you woke up in a good mood. I had Altoids and gum to get you through the shots I wanted and the one clothing change. You cooperated - I was relieved! We got some great shots despite the mosquitoes and the sinking sun. You were rewarded at the end with a trip to the playground where I got even more shots of you in your element. It was good.

I love you so VERY much baby girl. My angel. My sweet pea. My Lissa. Cannot believe you are 4.5!