#selfportraitsaturday Week 4

Remember back when cameras used film? Every once in a while, after picking up your package of photos, there would be one that looked like 2 photos merged into one. This is called "double exposing" and it would happen when the roll of film didn't get advanced and a second shot was taken on a frame that already had a shot on it. 

These days, with the majority of people shooting digitally, (although film is still being used and even making a comeback) a film double exposure is certainly less frequent. But, through the magic of digital images and Photoshop, this look can be recreated. There are many beautiful examples online and I've wanted to try this technique for at least the past year and it made its' way onto my list of ideas for #selfportraitsaturday. 

As I was having my coffee this morning and thinking about my day, my thoughts turned to my self portrait. What to do, what to do?? And, as the ideas have been doing each week, the idea just hit me. BOOM! Double exposure time! I got myself ready, got the camera & tripod ready, fiddled with camera settings, changed cameras, (the remote trigger wouldn't work on my Nikon for some reason so I switched to the Sony) and started shooting. The Sony is so easy to work with - I had my shots in no time.

Later, I watched a few tutorials on the process of creating a double exposure image in Photoshop. Based on the tutorials, I saw that next time I will shoot differently; a silhouette portrait may be a better starting point for this technique.

I used an image of some trees that we saw during our little mountain excursion in Arizona last year plus a close up from today and ended up with this. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it. And PS - I'm happy to say that I've kept up with this project - Yay for little victories!